Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rate-A-Restaurant, #154 in a series

Restaurant: Bloom Cafe

Location: 5544 W. Pico Blvd. (Mid-City)

Type of restaurant: Cafe

We stipulated: Tired of the same old choices near Variety, I suggested to my colleague Joe that we check out the Bloom Cafe -- which I hadn't been to, but was intrigued after walking past it on the Great LA Walk.

They stipulated: Breakfast entrees, such as organic eggs and pancakes, are available until 4 p.m.

What I ordered: Spicy Chicken Salad (organic baby greens, avocado, fresh corn, sun-dried tomato and chipotle vinaigrette; $11.50)

High point: The entree itself was decent, when it finally came.

Low point: Unfortunately, the service was extremely slow... and when the food finally came out, they got Joe's order wrong.

Overall impression: Nice environs, good menu... just some service issues. Prices are decent.

Chance we will go back: There are a few more entrees I wouldn't mind trying, including the red curry chicken sandwich and the fish tacos. I'm also intrigued by the lemon ricotta pancakes.

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