Thursday, December 13, 2007

Maria's Thursday Three: Downtown Edition

(Flickr pic by rsebastian.)

1.Grand Central Market: This is still one of my favorite places to go to downtown; it is bustling and alive at every visit. I love getting my produce there, and there are a couple of good spice, beans, and grain counters as well. But mostly, I love seeing families gathered at the tables and eating their meals together.

2.Wonton's Blog: Downtown pooch Wonton has started a blog. Part diary and all funny, Wonton chronicles his life living downtown and living with the man and woman who take care of him.

3.Library Bar: A couple months back, we checked out downtown's Library Bar and ended up really liking it. It was very low-key inside, with several tables scattered about. The coveted spot is the sofa lounge area facing a wall of bookshelves. We were a tad tired and didn't stay as long as we would have liked, but it just seems like a good place to take a load off while sipping something good.

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