Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Wine Bar Explosion Finally Hits Glendale

The recent opening of Atwater Village's new 55 Degrees wine shop (here's the Atwater Village Newbie's rave review) and tasting room reminded me that we're suddenly surrounded by vino-oriented joints.

We're fans of Eagle Rock's Colorado Wine Co. and Los Feliz's Vinoteca... and back in December, we met up with AVN and the missus at Glendale's new Left Coast Wine Bar.

Here it is, two months later, and neither of us ever wrote a post about it -- perhaps it made that little of an impression on us (to be fair, it was also the start of the holidays, and we all got pretty busy). Left Coast Wine was pleasant -- we were the only patrons there, the service was nice and the selection decent enough. But the waitress knew nothing about the wine she was selling... and again, there was nothing all that memorable about the spot.

Nonetheless, the idea of Glendale having a wine bar is reason enough to root for Left Coast. And I'm sure we'll be back, given how close by it is. (I also imagine it will be helped by the coming opening of the Americana at Brand.)

Left Coast Wine Bar
117 East Harvard Street

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