Monday, February 2, 2009

"Dodger Thoughts" Hits The Majors

Congrats to Franklin Avenue pal and Variety colleague Jon Weisman, who officially moved his wildly popular blog Dodger Thoughts to the L.A. Times -- check it out here.

Jon admits some trepidation in moving from a small-time operation -- hosted by the soon-to-be-shuttered "Baseball Toaster" -- to the L.A. Times, but notes that the evolution shouldn't hamper the strong, opinionated community he's cultivated in the seven years since first launching the site:
Perhaps it could be like this forever. I don't know. Part of me remains curious to find out. But there's another part of me that's ambitious. The part of me that has wanted things when I could only dream about them, now has a chance to go grab one of them...

The bottom line is that I'll be writing about the Dodgers for the Times, and though it's a different Times than when I first had that dream 25 years ago, it's still meaningful to me.

Some enjoy Dodger Thoughts just because it's about the Dodgers, and that won't change. Others enjoy Dodger Thoughts for something more, something that represents the best potential of what online conversation in the 21st century can be. The idea of introducing more people to the community of Dodger Thoughts, I think, is worth risking the sanctity of the site for.

Jon still continues in his day job at Variety, where we get to share another passion of his -- TV.

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