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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghost Businesses: The "Rent All" That Isn't

A friend of Franklin Avenue, Will Campbell, points us in the direction of another ghost business -- something we've written about in the past here and here.

The idea of these signs that remain -- and still live, long after the businesses they promote are gone -- somehow interests me. Will remembered, and passes along the shot above of "Rent-All," along with this info:

Ever since I saw a post of yours about existing signs for long-gone businesses I've been meaning to take a snap of a vacant lot on Temple Street about mid-way between Alvarado and Rampar.. Finally did so (attached) driving by this weekend.

Don't know how long the property's been like this but I'm always struck by the irony that the previous business was a "Rent All" and that maybe instead of closing down and being demo'd they just hit a hot streak and indeed did rent it all -- except the sign, of course.

Thanks Will! If the rest of you stumble across a ghost business, take a shot and send it straight to us!

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