Monday, June 14, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #226: Lazy Ox

Restaurant: Lazy Ox Canteen

Location: 241 S. San Pedro St. (Little Tokyo)

Type of restaurant: Contemporary American/Gastropub

We stipulated: We were heading to downtown L.A. on a nice, sunny Saturday... and wanted to try something new for lunch. I'd heard great things about chef Josef Centeno's place, and wanted to check it out.

They stipulated: "The Lazy Ox philosophy is simple, our execution anything but… To bring exceptional ingredients prepared artistically at an approachable price. We want to share our love of ingredients the world over and the joy of eating and drinking by exposing our diners to all we’re discovering. Food and wine should not be intimidating or overlooked, it is our most intrinsic need and should be celebrated."

What we ordered: salt cod brandade croquette with celery, olives & mint $8; poblano pozole soup with queso fresco & lime $8; braised beef paleron (pot roast) with cream of wheat, kumquats & red wine $24

High point: Oh, that pot roast. A tad pricy, but oh so amazing -- the citrus kumquats and cream of wheat were a nice touch. Meanwhile, the soup was not really spicy but the green color was nice, and the grape is was a tasty touch.

Low point: They were out of the (more economical) burger, which is what Maria was craving. And the limited menu wasn't kid-friendly, despite it being lunch time (and we were eating on the patio). I also discovered after the fact that there were specials written inside that we were never told about.

Overall impression: Good service, good food and a nice spot for Little Tokyo. Too bad that pot roast is a tad pricy.

Chance we'll go back: It's not a place we'd hit often, but I wouldn't mind trying Lazy Ox again.

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