Friday, October 29, 2010

Hoff, Bieber and Seacrest-o-Lanterns: It's The Great Wilshire Pumpkin Contest

Every year, the tenants of 5700 Wilshire and 5750 Wilshire -- collectively known as "Wilshire Courtyard" -- hold a pumpkin carving smackdown, as they search for the most creative Jack-O-Lantern of the year. It's become tradition at Franklin Avenue for us to recount some of the most ambitious... and the ones with the biggest pop culture references.

The entrants, after all, come from E! Entertainment, "Family Guy" and a management firm, among others. That's why Seacrest and Chelsea Handler show up in this year's assortment. Among the best:

I Feel Hofful!
by In House Media/tipstrends

Ryan's Missing
by Comcast Entertainment Group

Bombshell McGee
by E! News Now

Pumpkin Lately
by Comcast Entertainment Group Research and PP&A

Rub a Dub Dub, Guidos/Guidettes in a Tub
by Rebel Entertainment Partners

Meaty GaGa's Bad Romance
by LA Business Journal

Heeby Jeeby Bieby
by Comcast Entertainment Group Business Development

Daft Punkin
by AEG Live

Pulp Fixins (in homage to 'Food Truck Wars')
by Brierley and Partners

The Sacre-Iss Wheel
by Family Guy

The Great Pimpkin
by Kearny

Making Pies
by CEG Security
Yes, I should point out that this, indeed, is a pumpkin taking a big ol' dump in the form of mini pies.

Life is the Pits
by Wilshire Courtyard Security


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