Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #268: The Los Angeles Brewing Co.

Los Angeles Brewing Company

Restaurant: Los Angeles Brewing Company

Location: The Chapman Building, 750 S. Broadway (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Brewpub

Los Angeles Brewing Co.

We stipulated: Maria and I attended the Los Angeles Conservancy's Saturday night screening of "Chinatown" at the Orpheum Theatre. But before then, we wanted to eat. Time was of the essence: It was 7 p.m., and the movie started at 8 p.m. The Umamicatessan restaurant next door wouldn't have a table for 45 minutes. So we started walking down Broadway, and stumbled across the Los Angeles Brewing Company, which had just opened with a soft launch. (The real launch comes soon.) We looked at the menu, and it had some quick-sounding items. We went inside.

Los Angeles Brewing Co.

They stipulated: "At The Los Angeles Brewing Company, we thrive on providing our customers with a beer that can satisfy any palettes. From major breweries, micro breweries and local breweries, we have 100 taps dedicated to that task. We will also carry other beers in bottle and can, to further expand the beer selection that we have available for you at The Los Angeles Brewery Company."

Los Angeles Brewing Co.

What we ordered: Hand Cut Garlic Fries – lemon aioli & sea salt $4; Stuffed Shrooms – potato, chorizo & crispy pork belly $8; Honey habanero hot wings $8

High point: We liked the lemon aioli. It was quite nice for sports bar -- classy, even with all those projection TVs. Great, big downtown space. The Habanero wings had a nice honey touch, although it wasn't spicy enough. Plus, liked the extensive beer list.

Low point: The service was, plain and simple, atrocious. When I asked for a recommendation between the Eagle Rock Brewery beers on tap, the waitress responded, "all I know is the last guy ordered something called Asahi." Also, I asked for another lemon aioli and it never came. Plus, even though we told the waitress we were in a hurry and needed our bill, she never came back. I finally had to hold my credit card in the air to get her attention. Still, she didn't notice. She eventually made it back to the table -- and even though the table was completely cleared, she seemed shocked that I was already handing her a credit card (before the check). Another thing: When we finally got our bill, it was just the credit card slip, nothing itemized. I'm convinced that either I overpaid, or my beer was $15. I'm guessing it's the former, because if it were true they were selling $15 beers on tap, business would collapse.

Los Angeles Brewing Co.

Overall impression: We've long heard of the "Bringing Back Broadway" renewal efforts, but I've often wondered if Broadway could get a makeover. It's been neglected so long, with its boarded-up theaters and dirty storefronts -- and that task seems daunting. But now maybe we're starting to see that renaissance, with several more theatre makeover plans in the works; the revitalized Cliftons on the way; and new restaurants like the Los Angeles Brewing Co., which is a welcome addition to the street.

Los Angeles Brewing Co.

Chance we'll go back: Perhaps. I'm hoping the bad service is a fluke. We may be in the same boat and needing some quick food before this summer's Last Remaining Seats!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a fluke. See their Yelp reviews. Everybody complains about the service.

Guess the management isn't reading the reviews.