Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Relax, Here's Why Kim Kardashian Won't Run for Glendale Mayor

Answer: Because no one can "run" for Glendale mayor. Glendale has a City Council, and each of those members take turns serving as the city's mayor for a year -- but it's not an elected position.

Here's Politico on the Kardashian's dreams:

Reality star Kim Kardashian wants to run for office in a few years, she says in a new clip from E!’s "Khloe and Lamar."

In the short video, Kim and her sister Khloe start talking politics as they drive past former presidential candidate Ross Perot’s museum in Dallas.

"I decided I'm going to run for the mayor of Glendale," Kim says, adding that she and a friend are “looking into all of the requirements.” Kim picked the California city because of its large Armenian population.

She may be serious, but Kim isn't throwing her hat in the ring just yet. Because of residency rules, she won't run for "like, five years."

Our pal Scott Lowe (from Tropico Station) explains why this will never happen:

Sadly for Kim Kardashian, there is actually no public election for "Mayor of Glendale" since Glendale has a council-manager government. To be mayor in Glendale, she'd need to win a seat on the city council for 4 years, making 30k a year to sit through endless meetings on sign ordinances and water rates and a bunch of other unglamorous stuff. The mayor is then selected from the existing council members for a one year term, unless they're Dave Weaver, who pouts about being passed over.

This won't stop a media frenzy today about how OMG KIM KARDASHIAN IS GONNA BE MAYOR OF GLENDALE. But thankfully, this WILL NOT HAPPEN. (Or wait, maybe we want this to happen. Free Kayne West concert at the Americana! Kim for City Council!)

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Anonymous said...

I've lived in Glendale for 28 years but this will make me leave.