Monday, January 18, 2021

New Food Sunday: A Running List

Maria and I have instituted "New Food Sundays." Every Sunday, a new restaurant. Inspired by the Los Angeles Times' latest 101 Restaurants special issue, we're on a quest to find new eats. Here's how it's gone so far:

Dec. 13: Bridgetown Roti

Dec. 20: Evil Cooks

Dec. 27: Mini Kabob

Jan. 3: Polka Restaurant

Jan. 10: Holdaak Far East Chicken Shop

Jan. 17: Yess Aquatic

Jan. 25 (special Monday edition): Holi Organic Indian Cuisine

Jan. 31: Mama Musubi

Feb. 7: Goldburger

Feb. 15 (Monday edition): Zhengyalov Hatz

Feb. 21: Tokyo Hot Chicken

Feb. 28: Golden Globes, no New Food Sunday

March 7: Drive-Thru Fair Foodie Fest

March 14: The Donut Hole 

March 21: Cluck & Blaze

April 11: The Bucket

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