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Monday, January 18, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #397: Mini Kabob (Glendale)

Restaurant: Mini Kabob

Location: 313 1/2 Vine St. (Glendale)

Type of restaurant: Armenian/Mediterranean

We stipulated: Maria and I continue "New Food Sundays," inspired by the Los Angeles Times' latest 101 Restaurants special issue. Mini Kabob has been on our to-do list forever, especially since we live in Glendale so close by.

They stipulated: "Mini Kabob specializes in fine quality Armenian cuisine. It serves up quality meat such as; ground beef/chicken, beef/chicken cutlet, beef shish pieces, chicken breast and thigh skewers, french cut lamb chops, falafel plate, and of course mini kabobs. They also serve up homemade Egyptian style hummus, eggplant caviar, and cucumber yogurt. Come by and indulge with us at our mom and pop shop."

What we ordered: We got two combo plates ($19.99) An assortment of chicken lule, pork tenderloin and chicken thigh, cooked over an open fire on skewers.

High point: 
Oh that hummus. Now I know how much I've been living a lie, eating Trader Joe's and grocery store hummus. It doesn't come close to this.

Overall impression:
Although it was delicious and lived up to the hype (especially that hummus!), at $19.99, I'm afraid the price may be a bit too high for this combo plate. Although we were able to feed the family with two, so it actually did work out.

Will we return:  We also managed to feed the family with two, lower-priced combo plates from Elena's, so it's tough to say.

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