Thursday, January 21, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #398: Polka (Glassell Park)

Restaurant: Polka

Location: 4112 Verdugo Rd. (Glassell Park)

Type of restaurant: Polish

We stipulated: Maria and I continue "New Food Sundays," inspired by the Los Angeles Times' latest 101 Restaurants special issue. We have lived near Pola for nearly 17 years, yet never got food from them! It was time.

They stipulated: "In 1994 Katrina and Andrew Dabrowski move in to their house in Eagle Rock Hills. They discover and unit for lease in the nearby small shopping plaza. The unit was prevoiusly used as a restaurant. Since Katrina had a Big Heart for cooking, especially Polish food, they decided to give it a try and open a Polish Restaurant. In 2011 Katrina and her husband made decision to retire and move to Warsaw, Poland to be closer with their roots and family. They decided to teach Katrina's cousin Mike how to operate Polka and how to cook all their dishes."
What we ordered: Royal platter (Combination of beef stew, one cabbage roll, two pierogi — potato/cheese/jalapeno, $19.99); Stuffed cabbage roll (Stuffed with pork, chicken, beef & rice, topped with rich tomato sauce, $16.99); 6 pierogi pork, chicken ($15.99)

High point: 
Surprisingly, I think we liked the beef stew portion of the royal platter the best. And among the pierogis, the potato/cheese/jalapeno because of the kick.

Overall impression:
It's sort of what we expected, but the cabbage roll may have been too meaty.

Will we return:  I think we'll want to try more of the menu.

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