Monday, January 25, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #399: Holdaak Far East Chicken Shop (Highland Park)

Location: 5054 York Blvd. (Highland Park)

Type of restaurant:

We stipulated:
Maria and I continue "New Food Sundays," inspired by the Los Angeles Times' latest 101 Restaurants special issue. Holdaak is near by, and we continue our tour of hot chicken sandwich shops across the Southland.
They stipulated: "Holdaak [홀딱] actually means 'Madly in Love!' in Korean."

What we ordered: Spicy chicken sandwich ($7 + 1.75 for fries); original chicken sandwich ($6 + $1.75 for fries); 3 piece spicy chicken strips (comes with fries, $7); 6 original wings ($8); Daikon slaw (50 cents); Comeback sauce (35 cents)

High point: These sandwiches were HUGE. You get a lot for your money. 

Low point: I wish they had explained that Comeback sauce already comes with your meal; I didn't need to buy yet another sauce!

Overall impression:
As far as chicken sandwiches go, it could probably use a bit more spice. But the Daikon slaw is a nice touch, and the size of the sandwich means you can spread it out among two meals.

Will we return:  Perhaps, although there are many other hot chicken shops to try first!

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