Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Glee' Sectionals Head Back to Wilshire's Saban Theatre

Regular "Glee" viewers (yes, I know, the show is frequently frustrating to watch, but we still are) can frequently spot Los Angeles locations doubling as Ohio. This week, the show has been filming its "regionals" episode right across the street from my office, at the Saban Theatre on Wilshire (where last year's 'regionals' episode was also shot.

The base of the production has actually been stationed at my office building this week -- hence the yellow signs denoting "WMHS" (above). That's code, of course for "William McKinley High School" -- the name of the school on "Glee."

Funny enough, the "Glee" cast will be back at the Saban on March 16 for their Paley Fest event.

Below, here are extras lined up, I assume to play audience members at "regionals."

If you're curious about other "Glee" location shoots in Los Angeles, we've written about some in posts such as this one, while the site GleeFilmingLocals has an operation here.

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