Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Press Release of the Day: K-Fed Rocks So Hard!! Edition

I get a lot of press releases every day... and thankfully, at the very least most of them are written well. They may be boring as dirt, but at least they use proper subject-verb agreement.

Then there are the few, the proud, the press releases that can't help themselves. They're! So! Excited! About! Their! Client! that they go a little overboard with the exclamation marks and the high praise.

That brings us to Kevin Federline's publicist. Granted, when you're repping K-Fed, and promoting the release of his highly anticipated CD, how! could! you! not! get! super! excited!

And I suppose the news of Federleezy's "undeniably fresh" single is so big, you can forgive that massive run-on sentence that takes up the entire first paragraph.

Thanks to Joe for today's press release:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Marilyn Lopez/Tammy Book
Phone: 212.586.XXXX


Kevin Federline Rings in the New Year by Launching his first music single “PopoZão”on Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Over 2 million people tune in to the undeniably fresh single!

Performer and rapper Kevin Federline who was also the Executive Producer and co-star of the hit reality television show which aired on UPN called Britney and Kevin: Chaotic released his highly anticipated first single “PopoZão” exclusively through Yahoo! Music Unlimited at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2006 – and fans have come in droves to his Web site ( to the tune of 2 million total hits and counting- to listen to Federline’s “PopoZão” single.

The Brazilian inspired dance track is sure to set the dance-floors all over the world on fire!

Federline’s debut album is set for release in Spring 2006 (Title TBD) and is the next step in his climb to becoming an iconic performer. Music is Federline’s foremost passion and his cutting edge approach to launching his first single on Yahoo! and communicating directly with his fans over the internet is making him a leader in the cyber revolutionary approach to how music will be released and promoted for years to come. The Hip-Hop/Rap inspired album will consist of tracks written and produced by Kevin Federline and will feature production by hot break-out producers, Disco D (50 Cent) and Notes.

Says Federline, “I wanted to make the kind of record that I would listen to in my car and dance to in the clubs. I surrounded myself with producers and engineers that trusted my instincts, who were willing to work hard and take a chance with me, my ideas and my musical direction.”

Federline began his career as a backup dancer, performing with Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, and Pink. Fans can download or stream “PopoZão” on Yahoo! Music today. Yahoo! Music Unlimited has the exclusive internet rights to "PopoZão" until January 14th. Check out Yahoo! Music to stream or download the track and get more info about Kevin Federline on his official website at

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