Thursday, January 25, 2007

Coming Soon: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park

Whenever I pass by Baldwin Hills and the Kenneth Hahn Recreational Area while driving down La Cienega, I'm tempted to exit and check it out. But there's always a reason why I can't do it (running late, heading somewhere, etc.) Now, I'll have yet another reason to do some exploring. Once it's completed, the new Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park promises to offer some of the best vistas in all of Los Angeles.

The L.A. Times writes that as we speak, "earthmovers and workmen are laboring to create" the new space:

The site, on the west side of La Cienega Boulevard opposite Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, is atop a hill that rises from the basin's floor and affords an incomparable, nearly 360-degree vista of Greater L.A.

"There's nothing else that gives you that good view of the ocean and the striking views of downtown, then down to Palos Verdes, all the way out to Point Mugu and the Santa Susana Mountains," said Travis Longcore, director of urban ecological research at USC's Center for Sustainable Cities. "It's out there in the middle of the flat plain, sort of equidistant from downtown, the Santa Monica Mountains and the ocean, and that's what makes it so interesting."

Check ouy a press release from the state parks system here.

(Thanks to Jon for the head's up.)

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