Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Meanwhile, 50 Years Ago in Los Angeles...

I've been digging 1947project contributor/Black Dahlia expert/L.A. Times copy editor Larry Harnisch's new Times blog, The Daily Mirror. Inspired by the Times' mid-century tabloid the Mirror, Harnisch's blog reaches back 50 years to those archives and serves up an interesting mix of old crime stories, photos and ads from the time.

He also frequently checks in on the subject of those stories, photos and ads 50 years later -- like the self described "Southern California's Most Exciting Restaurant," the Queens Arms. Sadly, the building is long gone, he reports:

When I saw this ad, my first reaction was: "You have GOT to be kidding me."

My next reaction was: "Maybe it's still there!"

Alas, no. The Queens Arms at 16325 Ventura Blvd. has been replaced by a Ralphs grocery store. And not even a Medieval-themed grocery store. What fun is that?

Meanwhile, I never tire of old "what could have been" maps of proposed freeways in Southern California. Here's one that Larry found from 1957, featuring never-built freeways like the La Cienega and more:

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