Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Scoop of Scoops

East Hollywood's famed Scoops ice cream shop is probably the only eatery that deserves a blog post every time we visit. Owner Tai Kim's unique ice cream flavors are forever changing, forever ambitious and forever a reason to keep coming back.

For our first visit since last June, I got one scoop -- which, in Scoops speak, actually means two balls of ice cream. This time out, I got Scoops' signature Brown Bread flavor (vanilla with caramel swirls and Grape Nuts for a nice crunch) and Olive Oil & Vanilla Sea Salt -- one of my favorite Scoops flavors yet.

Maria got the Coconut Thai Ice Tea flavor. And Blogger Toddler enjoyed the Hazelnut & Peanut flavor. (Both of them got the kid's size -- one scoop for just $1.50.)

Scoops has also just launched a new art show: "One Scoop is Two Balls: A Works on Paper Show with Ice Cream." Art and ice cream? In your FACE, LACMA!

Scoops, 712 N. Heliotrope Dr., Los Angeles.

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