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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Only Film Festival Where Crying, Talking and Sleeping During a Movie Is Deemed Acceptable Behavior

(Flickr pic by Stephanie Asher.)

As I wrote last week, we took Blogger Toddler to his first-ever movie featival this weekend.

Crowd at the REDCAT

The Third Annual International Children's Film Festival at the Walt Disney Concert Hall's REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) gallery features films geared toward a wide range of kids. We attended the entry "Four-Legged, Finned and Furry Friends," a series of animal-themed animated shorts geared toward kids three and up.

The shorts were mostly cute -- some educational, most humorous. Some had no dialogue; most others were in English. (Just one -- a fun entry from Sweden -- was subtitled.) The hour-long show was just the right length: Evan (and virtually every other kid in the room) was starting to get antsy at the end. Evan's not a big fan of dark theaters; with a crowd so young, I'm surprised they didn't keep the lights dim.

Lucky for us, we found street parking for free; otherwise, parking is $8 at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Screenings are $5 and continue over the next two weekends. ("Four Legged, Finned and Furry Friends" next runs on March 1 at noon.)

REDCAT lounge

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