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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Donald T. Sterling Discriminates Against Grammar

Just when you think those horrible Donald T. Sterling ads couldn't get any worse... they do.

Check out this ad from Sunday's Los Angeles Times. Not only is it visually offensive, but it's grammatically painful as well.

"DONALD T. STERLING HAS CHECK FOR YOU." Has Sterling gone caveman on us? Does he no longer have time for articles like "a" and "the"? What's the follow-up conversation? "DONALD T. STERLING LIKE BUY YOUR BUILDING FOR DIRT CHEAP PRICE. SELL NOW, OR DONALD T. STERLING BUY BUILDING FOR CHEAPER PRICE AT FORECLOSURE AUCTION."

I'm thinking Sterling's people purposely now are trying to make their LAT ads as ugly as possible, just to piss off these folks.

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