Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beverly Hills Celebrates 9/02/10

While the rest of the country celebrates, tongue-in-cheek, "International Beverly Hills 90210 Day," the actual City of Beverly Hills is taking the date quite seriously.

Beverly Hills is throwing a big 9.02.10 event tonight, and Brandon and Dylan aren't even invited.

The city is taking the day so earnestly that Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshad will give his "State of the City" address today: "Mayor Delshad will highlight what the City is doing to be the smartest, friendliest and safest city in America," says a Beverly Hills press release.

And then, there's Beverly Hills' 9.02.10 Beverly Hills Celebration Event tonight.

The 9.02.10 event will include a performance by pop star Natasha Bedingfield, as well as CNN's Larry King as master of ceremonies. More:

Guests will be provided with unlimited food and drink from renowned Beverly Hills restaurants and chefs. Celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck of Spago Beverly Hills and Cut Beverly Hills will make a special appearance.

Let's party like it's 90210!

Except... a real 9.02.10 party would feature food catered by the Peach Pit; DJ David Silver on the wheels of steel; and a hair-pulling fight between Kelly and Brenda as they battled for Dylan's affection. Night would end with Dylan hopping on his Harley, having passed on Kelly or Brenda in favor of a new Peach Pit waitress.

Oh, and then Andrea and Brandon would cover it for the school newspaper. And Steve would do something douche-y, while Donna would just stand there with a blank look on her face.

Happy 9.02.10! Celebrate like you're Joe E. Tata!

Meanwhile, I curate five of "Beverly Hills 90210's" best moments over at Variety On The Air. "I Choose Me" vs. "Donna Martin Graduates!" among others.

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